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Posted By on October 31, 2014

The wood is dead; the tree is downed,

So worthless lying on the ground.

But Love is a consuming fire

Who lights the log upon its pyre.

The fire blazes bright and hot,

But left alone the flame dies out.

The blazing fire soon burns low;

The flicker of the flame is slow.

When almost all the fuel is spent,

The heat reduced, the light grows faint.

The log is shrunken, cracked and gray,

Almost spent, life’s little day.

What good is smoke in darkest night?

What good to smoulder without light?

So smash and bash with iron rod;

Now lift and poke and move and prod.

Remove the char and break apart,

Expose the fresh and unburned heart.

Fan it up and give it air

‘Til once again the light is there.

The log decrease, the Flame increase,

Ensure the light will never cease,

‘Til there’s nothing left the prod,

And all my heat has risen to God.

– Teri Ong –



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  1. Mary Brown says:

    I DO like this one!!! Great visual of a spiritual condition that we want to not find ourselves in, and a great visual of the getting out of this spiritual condition!!! I will remember this picture.

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