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Worse than Nothing, Part 3

| December 30, 2017

   by Teri Ong   [This is the third of three posts about abandoning attendance in a local church congregation. If you are reading this and getting a little uncomfortable about your own practices in regard to building up the Body of Christ, I only have one suggestion: go to Scripture and the Lord for yourself […]

Worse Than Nothing, Part 2

| December 24, 2017

by Teri Ong  We have already looked with sadness on the problem of churches cancelling services for reasons that are less than legitimate. Their reasons often are pragmatic and/or humanistic, but they don’t stand up to Biblical scrutiny. As sad as it is when churches cancel services, it is even sadder that there is a […]

Worse than Nothing Part 1

| December 17, 2017

by Teri Ong   [Introductory remarks – I wrote this a long time ago, but I needed to carefully consider whether it could be helpful to anyone or might be merely inflammatory. Many years ago I heard a song by a country Gospel group that was much more concise than what I have written, but along […]

The Mother of All Birthday Parties

| December 11, 2017

by Teri Ong   This weekend is the end of the annual “birthday” cycle for our immediate family. Even all of our children’s spouses fall within the January 5 to October 15 range. So far we only have one grandchild outside the range, but even he gets his in by the end of October. This gives […]