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Forced Hand or Helping Hand?: Christian Is as Christian Does

| September 21, 2009

by Teri Ong Eric Brandt, self-described “ world-traveled Colorado native, a free thinker and a philosopher,” wrote an opinion column for the Thursday, August 13th Greeley Tribune, suggesting that Christians in our society are “forcing the hand” of politicians on certain policies most people would recognize as requiring moral decisions. He wrote, “I scarcely know […]

Who Says ‘You Can’t Go Back’?

| September 1, 2009

>By Teri Ong My connections to the state of Minnesota go way back. I lived there from September 1963 to December 1974. But before that, my grandmother and aunt lived in Duluth. They moved there in the 1950’s so my aunt, who had a Ph.D. in physical education and kinesiology, could teach at the University […]